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What is the Linksys Velop? 

The Linksys Velop is a whole-home Wi-Fi system or mesh-router which, just like it's predecessor, the netgear Orbi makes use of several routers that cooperate to boost the reach of the Wi-Fi signal. 

A new router or node to the system makes it function as a Wi-Fi extender . But, it's far more efficient and quicker, resulting in an even more solid Wi-Fi configuration. 

Available as as a single unit, two, or in trios of three and more, you can have as many nodes as would like. No matter the number of nodes in the system you'll only have one Wi-Fi password and name to be concerned about. You can seamlessly move between node, without losing any signal. 

Linksys Velop: Design, Features and Design 

Though it's available in single units or as a pair this Velop system is being promoted - and sold by Linksys with an all-three-node package, and it's the one I've reviewed here. 

It's packed with a presentation that is as classy an appearance as you'd expect for a system that costs PS500. 

The sturdy, magnetically secured cardboard box opens up to reveal three individual nodes laid side-by-side together with three neatly packaged power supply units. It certainly does help to alleviate the guilt of having paid this amount of money. 

They are well constructed and designed. They are finished in matte white plastic with the base of grey rubber, they measure 185mm high and feature a 76mm wide, rectangular footprint. 

The Velop is similar to the minimalist style similar to it's predecessor, the Netgear Orbi, but is much more efficient due to its slightly more sophisticated design and the smaller size. 

But, while it excels in its design, it is lacking in terms of features. There are only two Ethernet ports at one side of the hub that are compared to four on each Orbi hub. There aren't any USB ports. 

It means, in contrast to every other traditional after-market router, or even some routers that are provided by ISPs aren't able to plug in printing devices or USB HDDs to connect them to other devices connected to your network. 

In light of its price This raises concerns about the value that considering the value that the Velop system provides. The simplicity is one thing but the lack of features that are common is difficult to comprehend. 

Connectivity options may be limited However, the position of the sockets is quite effective. The downward-facing ports ensure that cables don't protrude out to the sides as much which makes for a cleaner and more compact configuration. Wall mounting isn't an option however. 

Every node comes with an reset button, an energy switch, and the power input. On top, there's one light that flashes various colors to signal the state of the node. It will show whether it's properly connected or is far from other nodes and is receiving an insignificant signal, for instance.

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